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Friday, December 12, 2008

What goes through some peoples' heads?

I swear, people never cease to amaze me. I'm usually a very patient, tolerant person, but today a certain person just put me over the edge. She wasn't talking to me, but she didn't care who heard the entire 20 minute rant she had about how awful people are and how ridiculous everything at this institution is, so I listened, intently, as she progressed from calm to insanely out of control. I was absolutely trying my hardest not to laugh but to face the window and continue on with my work. I could feel the tension in the room from my co-workers. The things she was spouting out had absolutely nothing to do with anything we handle in the office, she was literally talking just to vent. At one point I had finished my stack of files and got up to return them to their home and get some new. As I walked through a doorway I made eye contact with another student who had entered the office to take care of some business. I immediately felt sorry for him that he was unfortunately in the wrong place at the wrong time and had to hear her utter ridiculous accusations. He just gave me a nervous look and returned his gaze to the floor. I don't blame him, if I were him I would've turned around and come back later.

In other areas of my life, can I just say, TGIF! This week has been fairly quick in passing but last weekend was so packed with activities that I cannot WAIT until I can sleep in tomorrow and just lay around with my little fluff ball all day. Unfortunately Jake can't be included in the snuggling, but he's lucky enough to see my best friend tomorrow, so I'm jealous! We had our office Christmas party on Tuesday and since then I've been in the holiday spirit. I think I may finish shopping tomorrow, although I only have a few things left to do in preparation. Purchase a couple things for Jake, burn a cd for my dad, wrap a couple gifts for my mom, think of and buy a gift for my boss, and decide what to do for my grandparents, thats it. Maybe I'll also take some time to write in my christmas cards that I vowed I would do this year. Wow! Kind of sounds like I won't get as much lounging around done as I had originally planned. Oh well, its better to be busy, right? Well I'm gonna finish a few things up before lunch. Possibly more this afternoon.


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