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Saturday, December 13, 2008

My lil' Buddy....

So, Jake and I got a kitten a few months back and I absolutely love him to death. We brought him back from my parents' farm, he was one of my dad's chosen kittens of the summer. He lovingly named him Buddy. At first he was very standoff-ish. Cried constantly the weekend I got him. Who could blame him, I tore him away from his mom and all his little kitty friends. I truly feared that he would never acclimate himself to indoor living.

Now, two months down the road, he's totally, 100%, spoiled R-O-T-T-E-N, rotten! Yesterday I woke up to poop all over the floor. The first time he's ever had an "accident." He's helped himself to the table several times, even snatching food off my roommate's plate when she left it unattended. Just minutes ago while I was washing some dishes, he discovered that he could easily jump from the table to the ledge on the counter. The minute I turned my back to start a movie, he got up enough nerve to try it. Before I could stop him, he was already in midair. I grabbed him before he jumped into the still wet sink. I set him down, tapped him in an attempt to detour him from doing it again, but minutes later he did it again, and then a third time. What a little sh!t.

I can't get mad at him though. I mean look at that face. He's such a little sweetheart too. He loves to be held and carried like a baby, and he's a total cuddle bunny. I'm not sure I can imagine life without him. I'll forever forgive the things he does, and go on loving him.


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