A Day in the Life...of Me!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I've got the...ITCH

Yeah, I said it...the ITCH! (And no...I'm not talking about the winter rash that so many people seem to get when the wind is as awful as it has been lately. hehe) I've got the time to grow up, want a place of my own, in need of a fixer-upper ITCH! I can't stop thinking about it. It's DRIVING me CRAZY!! I want a place that most people would think is ugly and not worth the time of day. I want that place, so I can put my own design desires to use and make it my OWN! I want it so I can see if my aspirations to become a successful interior designer might actually come true.

One MAJOR problem....I'm darn near broke.
photo courtesy of SuperStock

Not to say that I hate my job, or anything about it, but honestly, looking at the figures, I'll NEVER be able to afford a house with the income I have right now. And I don't have lofty goals at all...I want a bare bones, fixer-upper, costing less than $100,000, or close there to it. It makes me attempt to figure out (which is near IMPOSSIBLE) if this is the place I want to spend the rest of my days...which it isn't, and I know that! I just want to grow up so badly!

And to make matters even worse...I have the design itch as well! I REALLY want to paint, I really want to re-do my ugly, tired, hand-me-down, paid absolutely nothing for entertainment center, as well as my sad couch! I'm not sure how to scratch even this minor itch! I don't even have a garage that I can drag my tired entertainment center down to work on. It's on it's way to developing into a MAJOR itch.... lets hope I can get this figured out before I drive everyone insane along the way!