A Day in the Life...of Me!

Friday, May 15, 2009

**Update (Updated since my last post didn't work)**

So, I thought I posted yesterday...apparently I was mistaken. In short, my post was meant to express my new found "self", or at least how I plan to find my new self. I've come a lot closer to making some substantial decisions regarding my future. My mind is not 100% made up, but it is definitely a lot closer than it has been the last year and a half since I graduated.

I've also decided my blog needs a major makeover. I'm embarrassed to admit that I actually went to school and got a degree in design with my personal specialization in web design. I've all but forgotten even the most basic concepts, so I've decided now is the time to polish my skills back up and put them to good use. I already have my own url from my senior seminar class portfolio, that my mean instructor insisted I purchase, reassuring me that I could get out of it at anytime. Well, two years later, I still get the price of the site charged to my bank account, still totally oblivious as to how to cancel my "membership". So, I've decided to get rid of my 2 year old information off of my site, and update it and integrate my blog. How does that sound?

Back to my new self...well in order to work towards it, I have in the works, some ideas for a new series. I'm still working out some catchy names and when and how often I plan to post these. But I hope it totally revamps my blog. So many of you out there in blogland have inspired me to pursue my dreams, all 150 of them :).

So here goes, the first step...the series, then once I save up some money...well I'll let you know more in the coming weeks. Stay tuned and be on the look out for my new look. I'm pretty excited to show you what I can do..I hope I don't disappoint.

Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you again REALLLL soon! :)


Monday, May 4, 2009

Shame, Shame on me!

I've been a bad, bad blogger again. Sometimes, I swear this is the truth, I get so wrapped up in reading all of your fascinating blogs, that by the time I look up at the clock, it's 6 o'clock, I've been home for an hour and a half and have a hungry boyfriend staring at me, waiting for ideas for dinner (we cook together, but I usually have to come up with the meals!). So then I'm off to make dinner, eat, and catch up on the latest Dancing With The Stars, American Idol, Lie to Me, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice...etc. that by the time I'm done with all that it's time for bed!

I'm still working on figuring out my life. At times, I feel like I'm closer, other times, like I'm a hundred miles away from figuring it out, and I'm never gonna get there. A very frustrating feeling, I might add. I have it narrowed down, and as the boyfriend puts it, lack the self confidence to do any of them. This is something I'm praying about, and swearing to work really hard at improving. I like myself, I think I'm "OK" at things...but I just lack the confidence to actually take the jump towards a new career.

In other news, people are popping the question all over the place in my life right now! My best friend and her boyfriend (my "brother") finally got engaged on her 23rd birthday last week! Lonnnnng time coming...like almost 4 years, and him having the ring for 3 months! Way to go, Jon! I love you guys!! My little cousin, the youngest on both sides of my family, surprised ALL of us and proposed to his wonderful girlfriend, Jackie a few weeks ago. They're great together! I'm really happy for them as well, and Jackie...welcome to the crazy, loud, loving Bolton family!! I can only hope that they don't plan their weddings for the same day..that would be complete and utter CHAOS!!! I'm hoping I'm close to next to be newly engaged....crossing my fingers, dropping not-so-subtle hints CONSTANTLY!! The boyfriend is probably utterly sick of me at this point! But he plays along!! And I love him for humoring me!!

Well...off to a meeting! Come back and see me soon!